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We provide medical billing solutions to practices where we aim to create patient centered, cost effective operations for them. Outsourcing your medical billing will save money, automate your practice management procedures, and enhance the revenue cycle management model. We help medical practices deliver high-quality patient care and adapt to changing business goals and emerging challenges. In addition, our robust medical billing solutions comply with US healthcare industry rules and regulations.

Our premium billing audit services will help you understand your financial position. We analyze billing and coding procedures, collections/revenue, and pending accounts receivable. We also look at DAR, FTPR, and compliance with leading payers. We are a medical billing solutions partner that strives to help medical practices ensure that they are compliant, efficient, and profitable.

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As a medical billing solutions partner, a successful healthcare revenue cycle depends on a well-managed process. Our billing experts have years of experience improving Revenue Cycle Management Healthcare and are committed to providing the highest services possible.

Our medical billing solutions have helped hundreds of medical practices, big and small, reduce overhead costs and significantly increase collections. We will take the time to understand your specific challenges and goals, then help design a tailored approach using our proven methodology to enhance patient care, optimize operations, boost productivity, and maximize profits.

Our medical billing solutions utilize advanced techniques to reduce human error and speed up processes. We stay on top of industry changes and leverage the latest medical billing software to maximize clean claims, reduce denials and improve collections. Our team follows up relentlessly on unpaid or underpaid claims to ensure you receive the complete reimbursements you’ve earned.

We become an extension of your staff and handle the entire medical billing process end-to-end, freeing up your resources to focus on patient care.

Front Desk Support

Our proactive front desk specialists are committed to providing value, skill, and robust front desk support for medical practices. Our care coordination approach is practical and will help you save time while increasing the quality of patient service. We recognize your practice’s value and offer support to help you focus on what matters most.

Medical Coding

Our medical coding services assist practices in submitting precise medical procedure coded claims, expediting reimbursements, and enhancing revenue cycle workflow. Outsourcing Medical coding services will increase productivity, claims accuracy, cash flow, and profit by meeting the unique needs of your practice.

Medical Billing

With the appropriate medical billing system, you can substantially improve revenue cycle management, save costs, and boost profits. We offer Medical Billing Consulting services to our clients. Our professionals collaborate in preparing patient payments/clinical records, claim submission and claim processing, charge capture, and much more.

Patient Help Desk

Our dedicated patient help desk team will entertain all incoming calls on your behalf, including primary health insurance details or COBs. We at Pyramids Global offer complete patient billing. Your patients may contact us directly for billing assistance, insurance claims, EOBs, and other concerns. We want to be your first choice regarding the patent help desk.


We provide credentialing and enrollment services to physicians who want to participate with major insurance companies. Our professionals will verify medical documents and submit applications on time. Such practice allows physicians to get the most out of their business. We are dedicated to helping physicians maintain their licenses and comply with healthcare regulations.

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