Provider Enrollment and Credentialing Services

We offer provider enrollment and credentialing services, including enrollment in commercial and government health plans, management of credentials, and re credentialing as needed. We also help growing practices that need adding new physicians to their group and ensure that the provider’s application has been filed to the Payer for inclusion.

We are committed to providing the highest level of service and quality, have been in business for years, and have helped several practices with their enrollment and credentialing needs.

provider enrollment and credentialing services
Enrollment with Payer
provider enrollment and credentialing services
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provider enrollment and credentialing services
CAQH Profile/Maintenance
EDI and EFT Enrollments
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Why Choose Us As Your Medical Credentialing Outsource?

Our physician credentialing services ensure effectiveness in your practice with which you become participating and strengthen your revenue cycle management with uninterrupted workflow for better financial outcomes. We understand the significance of credentialing documents in healthcare procedures and emphasize growing your practice in compliance with all the contractual payers with facilitated credentialing practices.

To prevent revenue loss, our team verifies enrollment status before commencing submissions and validates EDI and EFT agreements to streamline the process. This level of service satisfaction separates us from the market and is the reason medical practices continue to work with Pyramids Global.

Improved Provider Credentialing Process

Our dedicated professionals will move your credentialing process in the right direction. In line with that, we also work closely with you to ensure that you fulfill all the credentialing requirements as needed, gather all the essential documents, and submit them to the payer on your behalf.

Credentialing Made Easy

We facilitate you with simplifying your credentialing and enrollment in compliance with insurance standards. We’ll handle all the required tasks, from verifying your medical documentation’s accuracy to ensuring your application is processed quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get the most out of your practice and enroll with the maximum payers.

Contracting Your Practice with Maximum Payers

Our experts will facilitate you in identifying the necessary credentials and enrollment requirements and help you secure essential agreements with insurance companies. Our provider enrollment and credentialing services ensure that your information is accurate and complete, keeping your practice in line with what the insurance companies pay for.

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