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We have a team of front desk support specialists with significant training and experience. We will take the weight off your shoulders, save time, and keep your medical records with utmost privacy. We take pride in providing a service that is second to none. When you choose us as your outsourcing partner, you are choosing a company that strives for excellence.

At Pyramids Global, we offer a comprehensive care coordination workflow. This workflow helps to handle the increasing workload and facilitates your practice. It also provides productive front desk support, which includes:

Front Desk Support

Eligibility and Benefits Verification

Front Desk Support

Contact Insurance/PCP

Final Determination of Services Rendered

Save Time and Increase Productivity

Patient acquisition is the lifeblood of any medical practice. Without patients, there would be no business. At Pyramids Global, we have helped medical practices significantly improve their revenue cycle management.

We have done this by streamlining the entire front desk process and focusing on the tasks influencing their bottom line. While it may seem like a simple procedure, our front desk support can profoundly affect your practice’s productivity by:

  • Cutting down the finances spent on in-house staff
  • Alleviate the risk of medical malpractice litigation
  • Simplifies your demanding front desk operations with timely data processing
  • Assist you with scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling appointments with your patients for you

Medical Billing Front Desk Support

Pyramids Global recognizes the value of your time and offers support to help you focus on what matters most. Our billing specialists are bilingual, caring and knowledgeable. They pay attention and understand all the medical terms and steps involved in the front desk process. They take care of everything from pre authorization to follow-ups, verifying patient eligibility, and everything in between.

Patient Care, Done Right

Our medical front desk support facilitates timely approval procedures allowing you to focus on your patients rather than your paperwork. Our team is highly experienced. They will take care of all front desk tasks. This leaves you with more time to devote to what you enjoy most – looking after your patients.

Service with a Smile

Our team of professionals is ready to help you. They will strive to create the necessary infrastructure to guarantee that all eligibility and authorization requests are completed on schedule. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service to meet your expectations.

Outsourcing Has Never Been Easier

We provide a comprehensive solution for your front desk needs. We are available 24/7 to verify eligibility and authorization for services. This helps ensure services are delivered efficiently. We will help you manage your front desk operations with minimal disruption to your practice’s workflow.

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