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Getting approval before medical procedures is crucial for a smooth reimbursement process in healthcare. Ignoring this step will lead to claim denials, impacting the financial stability of your medical practice. We at Pyramids Global, understand the challenges healthcare professionals face in this process. That’s why we offer a helping hand through our comprehensive and streamlined Prior Authorization Services.

Our prior authorization specialists are skilled in navigating the complexities of medical billing. We take on the responsibility of managing the submission of required records and obtaining pre authorizations at least forty-eight hours in advance. With our reliable and transparent system, you will be able to actively monitor the real-time status of all the prior authorizations, ensuring complete visibility and control of your practice.

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Efficient Coordination with Insurance Companies

As your trusted partner, our prior authorization specialist team collaborates smoothly with both government and private insurance companies. We build strong relationships with major providers like Cigna, Humana, Medicaid, and other commercial insurance providers.

Following your medical practice’s established procedures carefully, we will start the authorization process using various methods, including phone communication and uploading documents to insurance portals. This approach ensures quick authorizations for all procedures, significantly improving your practice’s revenue.

Our dedicated system works diligently, notifying you well ahead of scheduled procedures whenever authorizations require a peer-to-peer review. This proactive strategy helps prevent potential authorization denials and allows for quick resolutions.

Seamless Utilization of Online Insurance Portals

We leverage the online insurance portals to speed up the authorization process. Our experts in prior authorization work efficiently, carefully gathering all the needed documents to start prior authorization requests. This simple move gets rid of the complicated parts linked with the traditional methods and makes the process smooth.

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Our solutions are designed to make the authorization process easier. We understand that time and resources are invaluable, and our prior authorization services are designed to maximize both. Our services not only meet but surpass payer criteria before submission, increasing the chances of approval. Rest assured, confidentiality and HIPAA compliance are the cornerstones of our commitment.

Our top-notch prior authorization services will speed up reimbursement, reduce paperwork, and improve efficiency. Choose Pyramids Global and experience a seamless, hassle-free journey, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

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