Patient Help Desk Support For Practitioners

At Pyramids Global, we provide patient help desk support. Our dedicated team answers incoming calls and manages the flow of information between patients and the medical practice. This enables practitioners to emphasize their patients properly and not to worry about the details of the medical documentation.

Our help desk team is dedicated. They will save time, allowing practices to focus more on customers. This will significantly improve the financial efficiency of their practice.

  • Patient Statements Review
  • Outgoing patient calls to obtain correct insurance or to update COB with payer
  • Handle incoming patient calls to answer patient inquiries
  • Outgoing balance reminder calls before moving accounts to the collections agency.
  • Emailing additional bills to patients if requested by them while balancing reminder calls.

Your Outsource Partner for Improved Patient Help Desk Operations

Pyramids Global provides comprehensive patient billing services. In addition to translating the practice’s medical data, we will send statements, collect payments, and respond to patient inquiries. Patients can contact us with any questions or concerns about their medical itemized bills. We will be happy to assist them.

Your staff and patients are equally valued. Your patients recognize our qualities and will appreciate it. Our team is highly knowledgeable and incredibly patient while talking to patients.

We consistently provide outstanding customer service to all patients that connect with us. We care about how your patients are treated regarding medical billing and collection. This is because we are an extension of your staff and representatives.

Offering One-Stop Solution for Your Patient Help Desk

Pyramids Global is a renowned provider of healthcare IT services. We have the expertise to make medical practices more efficient. This includes enhanced patient help desk support and medical billing services.

We will help you simplify your patient help desk needs. This will improve your revenue cycle and save time. Additionally, we will make your patient care service operations run more smoothly while reducing operating costs.

It’s time to find relief and avoid the worries of handling the abundance of patients. Let us provide you with experienced professionals ready to customize a strategy tailored specifically to your patient help desk needs.

The Right Team

We manage thousands of medical documents, patient payments, health insurance, and more; let us handle your needs. Ever get stressed out by balancing the workload? We’ll simplify your practice’s patient care coordination.

Dependable Solution

We are available for all the necessary patient statement services and support you need without compromising quality. You can rely on us to get the job done right. We are committed to providing a dependable solution for all your help desk needs.

Stay Ahead With Updated Trends

Feel confident running your practice, and don’t worry about compliance laws. We at Pyramids Global are always up to date on the latest Health industry trends and regulations. We know how these laws affect patients and healthcare providers.

Increase Revenue

We help medical practices increase their financial benefits. We provide efficient billing and collection processes, optimize billable services, and improve patient care solutions. This enables practitioners to focus on meeting the needs of their patients.

Experienced Professionals

Every consultant working with us is an experienced healthcare professional. They have a proper healthcare background and years of experience. Additionally, they have specialized billing training. We pride ourselves on providing the best patient help desk support possible.

Efficient Process

Pyramids Global’s in-depth, efficient method will improve medical practices’ satisfaction. We help practices prioritize patient care by lowering costs. We also enhance their Revenue Cycle Management and customize billing methods to meet their needs.

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